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Recycle Aluminum Cans For Profit
It's time to Recycle America!
CansCount is brand new and devoted to helping people everywhere have fun, raise money and protect our environment by recycling aluminum cans in their own community!

Register today - you get everything you need to start recycling more cans - including your own Recycling Web Page, CansCount Promotional Materials, and Recycling Resources to help you encourage others to save cans for you.


Celebrating our 'Most Active' Recyclers
The following Recyclers have posted the most cans collected activity to their Recycling Profile.
• Adam Can - Stoughton, WI
• Kate Heidari - Baltimore, MD
• Kellie Morris - Seagoville, TX
• Kirstie Marie Mabitad - Las Vegas, NV
• Jessica Juray - Garfield, NJ

Recyclers with the most 'Can Savers'
These Recyclers have recruited the most people and organizations as Can Savers to help them reach their cans collected recycling goals.
• Kate Heidari - Baltimore, MD
• Adam Can - Stoughton, WI
• Natacha Acosta - Miami, FL
• Kellie Morris - Seagoville, TX
• Kirstie Marie Mabitad - Las Vegas, NV
CansCount Recyclers are recycling cans everywhere!       Search All
Alabama 91 Recyclers Kentucky 70 Recyclers North Dakota 8 Recyclers
Alaska 13 Recyclers Louisiana 50 Recyclers Ohio 214 Recyclers
Arizona 217 Recyclers Maine 15 Recyclers Oklahoma 51 Recyclers
Arkansas 64 Recyclers Maryland 151 Recyclers Oregon 86 Recyclers
California 1251 Recyclers Massachusetts 41 Recyclers Pennsylvania 193 Recyclers
Colorado 120 Recyclers Michigan 215 Recyclers Rhode Island 20 Recyclers
Connecticut 72 Recyclers Minnesota 69 Recyclers South Carolina 94 Recyclers
Delaware 16 Recyclers Mississippi 41 Recyclers South Dakota 4 Recyclers
DC 22 Recyclers Missouri 91 Recyclers Tennessee 110 Recyclers
Florida 537 Recyclers Montana 91 Recyclers Texas 726 Recyclers
Georgia 278 Recyclers Nebraska 0 Recyclers Utah 64 Recyclers
Hawaii 29 Recyclers Nevada 67 Recyclers Vermont 5 Recyclers
Idaho 40 Recyclers New Hampshire 21 Recyclers Virginia 135 Recyclers
Illinois 304 Recyclers New Jersey 124 Recyclers Washington 121 Recyclers
Indiana 119 Recyclers New Mexico 43 Recyclers West Virginia 14 Recyclers
Iowa 65 Recyclers New York 286 Recyclers Wisconsin 96 Recyclers
Kansas 0 Recyclers North Carolina 152 Recyclers Wyoming 9 Recyclers

Start Recycling
Get started by saving cans
for a Local Recycler...

Both independent and team recyclers can earn money for themselves or their group by organizing others to save and donate aluminum cans. Because a few cans from one person isn't significant, helps coordinate and communicate donations from many Savers, making it easy, fun and rewarding for Recyclers - and how quickly those cans add up!

If you'd like to help save aluminum cans for a  Recycler in your area, click here for more information...

Recycling Collection Events

Recycling Events let you
select the date and time to collect cans!

Recycling Events are designated dates and times when a Recycler invites people to donate all the cans they've collected on a specific date/time/place. Although most Recyclers will pickup/collect cans when notified through their Recycling Page, a Recycling Event can be an excellent option for fundraising teams, youth groups and Recyclers who prefer to collect cans all at one time and place.

As Recycling Events are scheduled by Teams and Independent Recyclers, we'll post them below. However, all collection options are also posted on each Recyclers Page.

Place Your Ad On Today

New Advertising Opportunities is viewed by tens of thousands of visitors, registered Recyclers and Can Savers each month - all of whom who have come to manage and promote their recycing activities in their community. They use their Recycling Profile and Resources to track and publish their goals, recruit and communicate with Can Savers, post cans collected and events scheduled.

You can now place your organizations message throughout the Recycling Profiles and page of this site to reach Recyclers and Can Savers across the country. No set-up fees or long-term contracts, all for just $0.25 per click.

To start sharing in the success of today, get started here...

*There are currently no Recycling Events scheduled during the next 30 days. Please check the collection details of your local Recycler for specific information.
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